Your role as leader and/or manager in veterinary practice
I am planning to put together a practical online courses for the owners and managers of relatively small practices employing up to three or four vets or generating up to £1.5m or thereabouts annually. The objective is to provide them with the help, support, tools and encouragement to build the practice which they own or where they work, into a thriving, profitable business generating a healthy level of profit and to achieve all their individual, professional and business objectives.

If you own, manage or work in a veterinary practice which meets that description, could I ask you please to complete this short online questionnaire which will help me to structure the course and include content which will be of most value to practice owners and managers and their practice team members.

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What are your biggest pains in that role? (select one or more boxes) *
What is your biggest wish for your role in the practice? *
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What have you already tried to resolve the problems you have described? (select one or more boxes) *
Why do you think you haven't been able to resolve the problem(s) you have identified? *
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Thank you - I very much appreciate your help. If you would like me to get back to you direct with further details in due course, or to offer any help in the meantime, please enter your e.mail address below. Best regards, John
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