The Voices of Nature: June 11-16, 2018

The Voices of Nature is a 6 day exploratory gathering based in the permaculture garden at the Roy Hart/Malerargues in the south of France: Exploration of the Sacred feminine archetypes through the Roy Hart voice work, through nature, theatre and sharing with each other.

The program includes: A practice of mindfulness in nature with Uri Noy Meir: we will get in touch with the female power through a research of Sacred Feminine archetypes and Roy Hart singing lessons with Fia Adler Sandblad and Carol Mendelsohn.

You can bring any poems, songs, music, instruments that you want to incorporate into the work on your outdoor explorations. The nature around Malerargues will provide many possible objects that you can gather to help develop your project.

Suggestions for reading material: The Once and Future Goddess by Elinor W. Gadon; the work of Marija Gimbutas, for example ”The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe”,. Annis Pratt has also written beautifully about Medusa and Aphrodite in ”Dancing with Goddesses”.

You will be housed in apartments in Malerargues. The price includes your lodging and food. You should bring work clothes, a towel, good shoes, a torch and a pair of work gloves for some permaculture gardening.
You should let Carol know when and how you will arrive at Malerargues. Maybe others will be traveling from the same area and you can meet up and arrive together. Details for arrival to Malerargues are on the Roy Hart Centre's website. For any questions you can call Carol at 33641709467 or at:

For registration and payment/deposit details, please refer to The Albero and Uri. He will answer all your questions regarding this subject. We do ask for a 50 euro confirmation fee from all participants. The price is 550 euros which includes lodging and food.

We are looking forward to exploring this world of the Sacred Feminine with you,

Carol, Uri and Fia

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