Inside Government badge program for Juniors - Registration Form
Program Description: Let’s go inside government and plan your political campaign inspired by historical examples from the Dole Institute and Archives. Learn more about our national government and write a letter to your local, state, or federal representatives based on examples written by kids just like you! What does an active citizen mean to you and your community? Discuss the three branches of government and create a list of what laws affect you and how they impact your daily life. Please join us for both sessions of this two-part program for the Legacy:Citizen badge.

Steps 1 - 5 covered.

Dates: February 11 and 18 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm CST (to fulfill this badge requirements you must attend both sessions.)

Please individually register each of your girl scouts (even if you are meeting in person altogether). This will help give an accurate count. If you are a leader who is having the scouts watch together on one computer please email me afterwards with how many scouts were watching - this will also promote accurate counts. Thank you.
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For questions or more information please contact:
Julie Clover
Public Education Coordinator, Dole Institute, (785) 864-1420
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