LVW 2016 Housing Form - Non FVL Students
Please complete this form by Wednesday, May 18. This form is for LVW students who do NOT attend FVL or who will not be staying at their own home. Please submit a separate form for each student.

You will be hosted in homes on the following nights: June 7, 8, 9.

If you are a non-FVL family but can host students, please use the LVW 2016 Hosting form for FVL Students.
Student Information
In this section you will list student information, contact information, and any medical information that your host will need to know.
Student Last Name
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Student First Name
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Current Grade
What is your school association?
Choose the one that best fits your situation. If you are in 8th grade, indicate the HS you will attend next school year.
If you answered "Other HS/MS", please list your school
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Parent Emergency Phone Number
This can be a home or mobile number. List the number at which you can be easily reached.
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Parent's preferred email address
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Please list here any allergies or medical conditions of which your host should be aware
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Please list here any medications being taken
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Emergency contact person if parent can not be reached
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Emergency contact phone number of the person listed above
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Housing Information
Here you will be able to list friends who you would like for housing partners. You can also list the home of an FVL student you would like to stay with if you have made previous arrangements.
Housing partner(s)
List here the name AND school of any LVW members (non-FVL) who you would like for housing partners. If possible, they should also list YOU on their form.
Your answer
Host home preference
List here the name of an FVL student with whom you would like to stay if you have already made arrangements.
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If you are staying with a non-LVW family, please list their name and phone number below
Use this section if you are staying with a family member, relative, or friend not in LVW.
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