Unit I Project Thesis Statement Draft
Use the steps below to work through the process of forming a draft thesis statement for your Unit I Project dealing with the Government's Role in Environmental Protection. Make sure you've got a copy of your final thesis statement (part 3) saved or written somewhere so you can refer back to it in the writing workshop next class.
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Who (if anyone) should be responsible for regulating and protecting the environment? Form a position on the topic, explain your reasoning, and support it with authoritative evidence.
1. What is your position on the topic? (ex. I think that the government's role in protecting the environment should be...)
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2.a Reason for your thinking #1
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2.b Reason for your thinking #2
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2.c Reason for your thinking #3
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3. Connect parts 1 and 2 (a-c) together to form together as one or two sentences to create a concise thesis statement. (Reminder: Rework to remove personal pronouns before submitting - eg. no "I" "mine" "me" "we" etc...) *
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