CoC Workgroup Chair Application
South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless
The vision of the South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH) is to prevent and end
homelessness in San Antonio/Bexar County. Our goal is for homelessness to be a rare, brief, and
nonrecurring event. SARAH will prioritize the following areas:
• HUD Grant Management and Oversight
• Act as a Community Advocate for Homelessness
• Assess Community Needs
• Expand Appropriate Housing Options
• Increase Collaboration Across Systems
• Reduce Homeless Population
• Prevent Homelessness

Membership Council
The CoC Membership Council serves as the primary source of expertise and program implementation
for the Board of Directors of SARAH (“CoC Board”). Responsibilities include providing input, expertise,
and council-approved recommendations to SARAH staff and the Board regarding all matters relating to
the Continuum of Care (“CoC”) responsibilities, policies, and procedures.

Workgroups are created by a vote of the Membership Council and Chairs and Co-Chairs are elected by
the Membership Council. An active member agency representative of the CoC's Membership Council
may chair a workgroup. Chairs and Co-Chairs are responsible for execution of the group to include
scheduling meetings, facilitating meetings, writing meeting agendas, writing meeting minutes, and any
other duties that are necessary to run the workgroup successfully. SARAH will assign a lead staff to
support any workgroups created by the Membership Council. Workgroups should routinely track
metrics for their associated target population and benchmarks tracking progress in areas identified by
the group.

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