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The Seed Eater project is collecting data on the species, location and terminal velocity of seeds measured by citizens using a Seed Eater device.This research and outreach collaboration seeks to enthuse citizens about the natural world, and to gather information about tree species location and seed data around the globe as part of a pilot study into seed terminal velocity.

This project has two aims: (1) To increase knowledge of and access to the interface of computing and mathematics with biology, by developing teachers’ resources and activities for school-aged children. (2) To create and develop a dataset of terminal velocity of wind-dispersed seeds. For more information, see btle.york.ac.uk/seedeater.

Taking part in this research study is entirely voluntary; it is up to you to decide whether to take part. By choosing to fill in this form (5-10 minutes), you are giving consent for the storage of your anonymous seed data by the research group. A GDPR-compliant privacy notice is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KowwiQpbUFdz0hi1XaEjFE3YrwZ0oTJp8DrsWqsb5NU. You cannot be identified in the dataset or in any research outputs from this study at any time.

Study findings will be disseminated in summarized and anonymized forms only, via one or more journal articles, conference presentations and through existing professional networks such as Finding Ada and the Raspberry Pi Foundation magazines and forums. If you are not happy for your data to be used in this way, please do not submit this form.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Pen Holland (pen.holland@york.ac.uk) in the first instance. You may also contact the Biology Ethics Committee (biol-ethics@york.ac.uk) if you have concerns about data privacy or processing, or other ethical issues. If you are still dissatisfied, please contact the University’s Acting Data Protection Officer at dataprotection@york.ac.uk.

If you are unhappy with the way in which the University has handled your personal data, you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. For information on reporting a concern to the Information Commissioner’s Office, see www.ico.org.uk/concerns.

The research team is led by Dr. Pen Holland (Department of Biology, University of York, UK), pen.holland@york.ac.uk, with collaborators including Dr Sarah Wyse (Bio-Protection Unit, Lincoln University, New Zealand) and undergraduate researchers (Department of Biology, University of York, UK).

This survey has been approved by the University of York Biology Ethics Committee (23rd September 2019).
Please submit this form once for each seed you have measured.
Tree species, location and terminal velocity are the only required fields; everything else is optional.

You can use the optional 'Team Name' to allow us to group your observations in the database, and hence not have to fill in the measurement system information multiple times. Please choose a sensible and memorable team name, which does not compromise your anonymity.
Team Name
Tree species *
Tree circumference (in cm)
Tree basal area (in cm2)
Height at which circumference and/or basal area were measured (in metres), e.g. 1.3 metres
Tree height (in metres)
Seed Length (in mm)
Seed Width (in mm)
Seed Mass (in grams)
Seed Shape (describe)
Seed Velocity (in metres per second). Separate multiple measurements of the same seed with a comma. Please submit a new copy of the form for different seeds. *
First part of the postcode in which your tree is growing (e.g. YO10). *
Brief details about your velocity measuring system (e.g. building materials, device used for measurements), and/or any other notes you wish to submit about the tree or seed.
Demographics of the people taking measurements, including ages/school year and gender ratio of the group, e.g. three year 11 girls, four year 7 mixed (2m, 2f) group.
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