Paper Stars + Letters from a Stranger
Thanks for getting on-board! This is a national letter exchange campaign where you can send and receive an encouraging letter to/from someone from the Philippines.

This simple act of unity might just be what our country needs this holiday season.

Along with the letter exchange is our custom-made Christmas cards which you can have for yourself or give to a friend or family member. Each card contains a pop-out paper star ornament and blanketed by a white envelope for you or your special recipient. You have the option to simply purchase our paper star cards or to get a card and join the national letter exchange where you'll prepare an encouraging letter for an anonymous person. Of course, you'll be receiving a letter from a stranger too.

Share this campaign with your online network so we can get more people to write encouraging letters! You may invite them through our Facebook event page:

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Each card you'll purchase will fund the educational projects of World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific. By projects, we mean our Human Dignity Curriculum sessions (an outreach activity where we teach character formation and human dignity to a group of students or a marginalized community); our WYAAP Summer Camp (a week-long training program where we teach students and young professionals about principles on human dignity and human rights); and our Emerging Leaders Conference, where we educate students about pressing issues in our world today. If you want to receive a report about the impact of your donation, send us an email at
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