Vocab Test 9.8.16
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“Nino, I think your sweater is ______________________. The tag is on the outside and I can seethe stitching. You should go into the bathroom and put it on the correct way.”
Carina and Malinka were having lunch together. Lorenzo wanted to sit with them, so he asked “May I ___________you?”
The weather _____________ cold tomorrow, so you should bring a jacket.
I asked Harry if he was going to Pub Quiz on Monday night. He answered “_____________”because he wasn’t sure if he would go or not.
“It’s 4am, we’re drunk and my feet hurt. I want to go home. Let’s stand on the street and____________ a taxi.”
In many countries, breast feeding a baby in a public area is still _________________. Even though it’s legal, many people don’t like to see it.
“Reading, diving, fishing and cooking are some of my favorite _________. I do them as often as I can.”
While taking their English exams, Clara look at Estefania’s paper for the answer. The teacher saw and shouted to Clara “No ________________! Look at your own paper!”
If I don’t wear my glasses while reading a book, the words look:
A man came to my house, knocked on my door and told me he was a police officer. He wasn’t wearing a uniform, so I asked to see his ________________.
“I slept ______________ last night. I fell asleep around 10p.m. and didn’t wake up until 10a.m. I had nice dreams, and my bed was very comfortable. I feel great today!
People from England and Spain have a lot of _________________ in their football teams. They like to wear their favorite team T-shirts, have football flags around the house, and tell everyone who their favorite team is.
While driving to London in my car, I got a flat tire. It wasn’t a big problem though, because I had a spare tire in the ______________________.
“I was in the store yelling at a who hit me with her shopping cart. She looked at me,____________ me in the face and told me to shut up. It hurt so much! I was so angry!”
I have very long hair and want a haircut, but I only want to cut a little bit off. I will tell the hairstylist that I want to _______________ 8cm.
I need to go to Santander bank. The one in Headingley closes at 4pm, but the ____________ in the city center is open until 6pm. We should go to that one instead.
I accidentally spilled pasta sauce all over the floor. When my mother saw the floor, her eyes turned red, her face turned red, and she started to scream at me. She told me to go to my room.She was _____________________. I have never seen her so angry!
We painted the wine bottles with black paint, but needed to apply a 2nd _____________ because the 1st wasn’t dark enough.
Making this vocabulary quiz is ___________________so much of my time. I have been making it for 10 hours now! I need to finish so I can go out and see my friends!
We spend so much money buying tomatoes, spinach and peppers. I told Harry that we should start a vegetable _____________________ in the backyard so we can grow our own vegetables.
Sainsbury supermarket is open ____________ 11p.m.
Marta is moving from her small flat in Madrid to a new home in Barcelona. She has all of her stuff with her and will not come back to Madrid. At the train station, she needs to buy a____________ ticket.
Cecelia lives in Madrid. She will visit Marta in Barcelona, but will only stay 3 days. Then she will go back home to her family. At the train station, she needs to buy a ____________________ticket.
The recipe says to put the butter on the counter and let it sit for 3 hours. It needs to be_______________ temperature before we can use it to cook.
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