Shanghai Enl Anomaly 活动远程组报名
报名场次 eg. 台南,马尼拉,日本 *
玩家ID Your Ingress Agent Name *
Very Important
telegram user name *
本次活动将使用的联络工具 We will use the app from for this round's communication.
所在城市 City you live in *
我已确认我报名时选择了 "Enlightened" "Off-site" 两个选项 I confirm I've already selected "Enlightened" and "Off-site" during my reg on *
If not please apply again on, otherwise we will not be able to ensure what will happen.
将以什么样的形式参与远程活动?/你愿意在当天为绿军做什么? How will you offer support to Enlightened during Anomaly Day? *
充电组请填写 Recharging , Please fill in "Recharging" if you wish to join the recharge team.
谁将见证你的贡献?Who will vouch for your contribution? *
Email address *
请与官网报名填写的邮件一致 Please fill in what you've submitted to
名 Name *
请与官网报名填写的邮件一致 Please fill in what you've submitted to
姓 Family Name *
请与官网报名填写的邮件一致 Please fill in what you've submitted to
invoice, sent in your reg confirmation Email *
随确认邮件寄来,非常重要,此项填写不正确将无法领取medal Very important, no invoice, no medal.
invoice 示例 Example
从谁哪里获知此表格? From which agent you've acquired this form? *
是否参加充电组?Will you join the Recharge team? *
我已知晓充电组要求 I‘ve known the Recharge requirements *
于活动前完成300-400 L8 Power Cube储备工作并在规定的活动时间前集合于指定场地留影,接受当天负责的充电指挥管理监督并完成全程充电结束后再次留影,截取1.所持有的anomaly比赛场地 key 2.活动开始前 充电数据profile + 3.道具栏 power cube 4.活动结束后 充电数据profile + 5.道具栏 power cube 邮寄至充电指挥邮箱登记 Prepare 300-400 L8 power cube and gathering at the appointed place to take photos together with teammates, before we start capture screen of recharge keys, profile data, and pc numbers, and again afterwards to send 5 screenshots to recharge captain.
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