Application for ENVenture Partnership
ENVenture ( seeks to partner with mature Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Uganda that already operate in villages without electricity.  ENVenture provides a total loan in the amount of UGX 7,000,000  to CBOs at 10 - 16% interest to start a store that sells clean energy products (such as solar lamps, improved cookstoves, fuel briquettes, and water filters).  Profit from the business is thus generated for the CBOs' activities. The CBOs that ENVenture is interested in partnering with must grow and expand their programs and services as well as their funding. Moreover, they must have a mechanism that measures their impact, and efficiency in achieving their mission, as well as regular reporting of sales figures.  

Please note that the loan is disbursed in three tranches as  below;

1. Startup Stock Loan; UGX 2,000,000
2. Business Enhancement Loan; UGX 2,000,000
3. Business Accelerator Loan; UGX 3,000,000


CBOs must be operating for at least five years and be legally registered in Uganda.

CBOs should have at least one top-level staff member with a keen interest and willingness to coordinate closely ENVenture on a regular basis. The person must be committed and responsible for the enterprise and should also be part of the designing and rolling out of the business.

CBOs must allocate their own time and money to the business (typically to pay shopkeepers, storefront rental, and marketing).

Market coverage, the CBOs institution should have branches in the areas the partnership is going to operate.

CBOs must be able to house and host an international volunteer to work on the business for at least 3 months.

Please allow 1 hour to complete the required assessment tool. Please allow up to 4 weeks for an ENVenture representative to notify you of your application status. If you wish to follow up on your application status, you may contact us at

The process to receiving a loan from ENVenture (3-month process):

1. CBO applicant fills out eligibility questionnaire.
2. ENVenture representative schedules a phone interview with the Executive Director of the CBO
3. ENVenture requests materials to be submitted in preparation of due diligence.
4. ENVenture representative makes a site visit to meet with the team, members of the community, and review books of accounts.
5. Decision is made, enter into contract.
6. Loan disbursed.
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