2020-2021 PLE International School Youth Teacher Volunteer Job application form
Welcome to PLE (Princeton Learning Experience International School) Youth Leadership Program!

Princeton Learning Experience International School (PLEIS) is a NJ Education Department registered K-12 Nonprofit International School to help young children to learn and develop advanced English speaking/debate and communication skills via online workshops and communication media.

PLE Youth Leadership Program started in 2015, has attracted many passionate youths to volunteer their time and talents to younger kids, even adults in PLE community. PLE will continuously provide a supportive and positive working environment in which youth has the opportunity to develop leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence, personal growth and social intelligence. Greatly appreciate our youth's contribution and parents' dedicated support, which make the program a successful and popular one!

For more information, please contact:
PLE Youth Leadership Program Supervisor: Sandra (Yingxiu) Jin
Supervisor's Title: President of Princeton Learning Experience
Phone: 609-356-3881
Email: jinsandra@gmail.com

Please check PLE Youth Job Description from here:

2020-2021 PLE Youth Teacher Offer Letter & Documents:

Time collection and information about President’s Volunteer Service Award:

Look forward to working with you

Thank you!
Welcome to join our Youth Team!
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PLE Media Release Agreement: I grant permission for me (if 18 or 18+ years older) or my child to participate and appear in video or audio recordings, films, photographs, written articles, or on websites and social media sites. My consent includes the use of editing of my (if 18 or 18+ years older) or my child’s image, voice, or name, and the use, editing and release to media outlets. I agree that I will not hold Princeton Learning Experience International School responsible for any harm that may arise from such reproduction. *
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