Obsidians/EMR Basic Climb School 2017: Questionnaire
Please complete this form in its entirety. You will also have to fill out a Liability Release at the first class meeting.

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The following is equipment needed for this course. Any gear that you do not have will be loaned to you during the course at no additional charge. Please mark equipment that you have.
Climb school rock sessions are either Saturday, April 15th or Sunday, April 16th. Please choose which best describes your availability.
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Obsidians/EMR Basic Climb School 2016: Emergency Contact Information
Please fill out the following health and emergency information. This information will be kept confidential and referred to only in the case of an emergency.
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Health Information
Health and Accident Insurance is your responsibility. We recommend that you obtain appropriate insurance.
Describe any illness or injury which might affect your ability to participate fully and safely in this course, including but not limited to: back or knee problems, cardiac or respiratory ailments, diabetes, allergies, migraines, sensitivity to cold, or seizure disorders.
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List any drugs or medications you are currently taking that may affect your ability to participate or are related to management of the conditions described above:
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