2020 Vineworks Wine Box Delivery
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PLEASE, SEND US A MESSAGE AFTER THE PAYMENT IS COMPLETED (with your Name) (to Ian 010-3246-2310)
1. Select a Box Set. 신청을 원하시는 와인 박스 세트를 선택해주세요. (Please write down how many Red/White/Sparkling wine you want in your box on Question No.2) *
2. If you order No. 12~15, how many Red/White/Sparkling do you want in your Box? (12~15번 선택시, 주문을 원하시는 각각의 레드/화이트/스파클링의 수량을 작성 해 주세요.)
3. Name 성함 *
4. Contact number 연락처 (ex.010-xxxx-xxxx) *
5. Address of Recipient (배송지 주소) + Postal code (우편번호) *
6. What are your wine preferences and is there anything you would like to explore with vineworks? *
7. Did you complete your payment? 결제 및 배송비 입금 여부를 확인해주세요. *
Bank account: KB 국민은행 762301-04-257428 ASHWORTHIAN (바인웍스코리아) 배송 진행은 입금 후 시작됩니다 :) Your delivery will be confirmed after payment. *** Delivery shipments are not sent out until payment has been confirmed***
8. Would you like to join our membership program for discounts on wine discounts and other special offers? Vineworks 커뮤니티에 가입하시는 것에 동의합니까? *
Event schedules & useful wine info will be send via your email or SMS. 와인 이벤트 일정 및 유용한 와인 정보가 이메일 또는 문자를 통해 수신됩니다.
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