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Alright, what name do you want Jamie to call you? If you switch it up later, she's gonna mess it up. Seriously, she might still get it wrong, but give her a fighting chance, okay?
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Briefly describe yourself and what makes you an interesting guest. You should have something captivating enough to chat about with Jamie for an hour. Do you have something you can talk passionately about? Websites or relevant links to showcase? This is also your moment to impress us: got a super cool story or specific topic you're dying to bring up? Convince us you're the guest Jamie is looking for. (Unless you're Snoop Dogg, then just say that.)
⏱️ Your Time Matters
Is there something special that you're promoting like a launch date or something cool you are wanting this podcast to coincide with? I can't promise anything, but I can promise to actually read what you say here. So if you don't have any time constraints or anything, just say that.
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Drop your socials here. FB, Instagram, TikTok—wherever you're killing it online. This is so we can give you a proper shoutout when your episode goes live. (But yeah, we'll definitely take a peek at your profile too.)
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By filling out this form, you're saying you're okay with Jamie partaking in cannabis during the recording. You can choose your own level of sobriety; just be comfortable.
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