r/NBA2K User Flair Request Form
Pink Diamond - Sub moderators and NBA2K team

Amethyst/Diamond - Distinguished members of the community

Onyx - Verified users (ex. NBA 2K League managers, famous YouTubers, etc.) or members of the community who deserve special recognition. Up to mods' discretion who is verified. [Click here for a list of verified users.](https://www.reddit.com/r/NBA2k/wiki/verifiedusers)

Sapphire/Ruby - Helpful and consistently active/long-time community members

Emerald - Active/long-time community members.

Silver/Gold - Silver is generally more than 50 lifetime posts+comments on r/NBA2K. Gold is generally more than 100.

Bronze - New or inactive community members. Note: Anyone who displays behavior that violates Rules or standard Reddiquette cannot advance to a higher tier flair.

Warning - This flair looks the same as Bronze but is 50 OVR and serves as a warning flair for users who either are constant violators of rules or trolls or users who only self-promote, etc.

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