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Welcome to Bardel's Creative IP Submission Form, please read through the requirements prior to submission.
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Bardel Entertainment: Submission Release Form
Please download and read the following Submission Release Form PDF. A signed digital copy of this release form will be required for a successful submission.

Submission Guidelines
1) All submissions must include a fully signed release form. This must be submitted as a scanned pdf or photograph.

2) All submissions should include a synopsis (max. 2 pages).

3) Please indicate what type of relationship you are looking for from Bardel. (i.e. You are a Writer or Creator looking for your property to be optioned. You are a production company looking for a co-production partner, etc.)

Please Note: We do review all submissions received, but on average, it may take 3 months to get back to you on your submission. If you have any impending deadlines, (i.e. co-production application dates, production start dates, etc.) please indicate this to us with your submission, and we will do our best to get back to you.


In order to successfully submit, you will need to prepare:

1) Your contact Information (Name, Citizenship, Phone Number, Address)
2) Title of Material
3) Format of Material (i.e. demo tape, writing samples)
4) Brief Summary of Material
5) Description of desired relationship with Bardel
6) Synopsis of Project (PDF, max 2 pages)
7) Submission Materials (10 files, any format)
8) Scan/Photo of your Signed "Submission Release Form" (PDF or JPG)

Please ensure all information written in the "Submission Release Form" matches the text entered into this Form.

Submissions are Final
Once submitted, you will not be able to make modifications and we will only review the materials included in this form.
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