LOLARTE: A Virtual Expressive Art Ofrecimiento
About LOLArte: A Virtual Expressive Art Ofrecimiento

This event is a free and open to the community event that highlights and compensates Latina artists, creates a platform for community artists to share their work and express themselves, encourages community members to witness and engage with the art(ists) as well as each other, and promotes a deeper sense of connection and resiliency despite physical isolation.

-“LOLArte”= LOLA+Arte (art in spanish)

-“Virtual”= via Zoom

-“Expressive arts”= Since the dawn of humanity, the arts have been an intrinsic element of our lives. From painting our bodies before war, to dancing as prayer for rain, to carving images to document history, the arts has always been our chosen means of communication. As communities, we would gather as our ancestors told stories, singing communally by the fire, coming together to build connection and resilience. Recently, though, as our society continues to develop, humanity began to perceive art as something to look at, rather than to create. The Expressive Arts offer a place to reconnect to our art-making and each other. The Expressive Arts include, but are not limited to, visual art, dance and movement, music, drama and theater, and writing and poetry.

-“Ofrecimiento”= Ofrecimiento means offering. We chose this term because LOLArte is about the process, the act, and sharing, rather than being exclusively focused on the product.

Zoom link to be posted closer to event date
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