ABA Spring Recital 2019 Registration Form, Permission Slip and Liability Waiver - please read carefully and scroll to bottom to complete registration form. One form is required for every dancer in the show. Thank you!
This year Alameda Ballet Academy will again be holding a Spring Recital to showcase all of our students’ accomplishments. We are looking forward to the performance on Sunday afternoon, June 2nd, 2019, at the Castro Valley Center for the Arts! We will be dancing to excerpts from Swan Lake :). There will be one recital performance, at 2pm.

We strongly encourage every student's participation in the Spring Recital. For many of our dancers, the primary reason they come to ballet class is so that they can perform. The performance is the inspiration and reward for all of their hard work!

The recital fee this year is $125. Your child will receive a photo jpeg (download) and a download / screening link of the recital video from Rapt Productions. Also included in the performance fee is a new pair of tights, and the dancers will be able keep their costumes after the recital.

Please note: We may need to charge Ballet 4 - 6 dancers who dance in the Friday and Saturday Jazz classes an additional fee for their additional costume, but we will let you know once the costuming is determined. For now, please enroll and pay the $125 fee. Thank you!

This year ABA classes will be in session through Thursday, May 30th.

It is really important to complete the online Registration form below, and pay the fee by Thursday, February 28, 2019, or we will not be able to order the costumes in time for the performance.

Please keep in mind that the Spring Recital is a bit different from The Nutcracker in that your child does not have to audition, each class will perform a separate dance and they will be rehearsed during class times (unless you are contacted separately). We understand that emergencies and illnesses do happen but we want to stress the importance of your child maintaining consistent attendance not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their fellow classmates.

If your child cannot be involved in the performance, we will still have them learn the dances so they are receiving instruction during the entire class. Of course we want to encourage every student to be involved in the production as part of their performing arts education, but understand if they cannot commit to the performance. Since the recital is not on a holiday weekend this year, we are hopeful that more of our dancers will be able to participate!

If your child does not perform, *please* make sure to have this conversation with them, to let them know. It does not go well when it is left to us to surprise them with the news of their non-participation during class. Also, it is not uncommon for young dancers to lose interest in coming to class when they are not in the recital. If this happens, please let us know so that we can help in this situation.

As you know, successful performances can only take place with the assistance of many helping hands. We will be asking all families to donate time to help put on this production. We will be sending out more information on that soon, but felt it was important to get this information to you first.

To give us more time to focus on the dancers, and to make it easier for you to add additional tickets to your order, this year we are again selling our general admission recital tickets through Brown Paper Tickets. We will send out the web link to order the tickets as soon as possible. As in the past, every adult and child in the audience will need to have a ticket to see the recital.

*Please scroll down* and complete the form below if your dancer is participating in ABA's 2019 Spring Recital on Sunday, June 2nd, in the afternoon.

If your child is *not* participating this year, please email us at the office by Thursday, 2/28: admin@alamedaballet.com.

Payments can be made online in our MindBody Online Store under Products. Link is here: bit.ly/2WXsI7xOnlineStore.

Whether or not you pay online, the online form below is *required for every dancer in the recital.*

If you wish to pay the $125 Recital Fee by check or cash, complete the form below, choose the cash/check payment option and bring your payment to the ABA office at 1402 Park Street. No printing of this form is necessary - thank you!

Please note the following 2019 Spring Recital & Summer Calendar / Important Dates:

March 25 – 30: ABA Observation Week – All Classes open for visitors

March 31 - April 7: No Classes at ABA for Spring Break

May 25 & 26: Photo Days at ABA Studio, 1402 Park Street, Alameda - Call Times TBA, ABA PreBallet - Ballet 2 Classes in Session
May 27: No ABA Classes / Memorial Day
May 30: Last Day of ABA Classes for the 2018 - 2019 Year
May 31 & June 1: Mandatory Rehearsals at Castro Valley Center for the Arts, 19501 Redwood Road in CV - Call Times TBA
June 2: Mandatory Rehearsals and Performance at Castro Valley Center for the Arts, 19501 Redwood Road in CV - Call Times TBA

June 15: ABA First Day of 12-week Saturday Summer Sessions of DWM, Pre-Ballet and Ballet 1 (through August 31st)

June 10 – June 28: ABA 3 Week Intermediate Summer Intensive
July 15 – 19: ABA Beginning Ballet Theme Camp – Sleeping Beauty
July 22 – 26: ABA Beginning Ballet Theme Camp – Cinderella
July 29 – August 2: ABA Beginning Ballet Theme Camp - La Fille Mal Gardée

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much,

p.s. again, if your child is *not* participating this year, please email us at admin@alamedaballet.com.

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Flower Bouquets for my dancer - $10 per bouquet. There will be another chance to order flower bouquet(s) if you do not choose to order them at this time. *
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For online payments, please go to Products in ABA's Online Store at this link: bit.ly/2WXsI7xOnlineStore.
Recital payments are due no later than 2/28/19, but please contact Amy in the ABA office if you need a payment extension. Credit or debit card payments can be made online through your MindBody account under Online Store, then click on Products.

If you wish to pay by check or cash, please bring it to the ABA office at 1402 Park Street and drop in the black payment box on the office door if Amy is not in. Thank you!

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