Family Roots Fest 2015 Volunteer Application
Thanks for your interest in becoming a Family Roots Fest Volunteer!!!
We truly appreciate your willingness to help make Family Roots an amazing event. Volunteers will be required to work 10 hours total. Upon your arrival there will be a $100 deposit required for the wristband. After you have completed your required 10 hours your deposit will be returned and you will sign the Volunteer Contract releasing you from your duties. The full refund will not be returned if said volunteer is more than 30 minutes late to check in ($50 will be deducted), or if they do not show up for their shift at all. The shifts will vary and will be scheduled at a later date. We will work with everyone the best we can on times but cannot make guarantees. Some examples of our volunteer positions are listed below. After completing the form below you will receive a confirmation e-mail if you have been accepted as a volunteer which will also include details on accessing the Family Roots Fest Volunteer Page where all volunteer questions can be answered. Remember, you will be required to respond to the acceptance e-mail before you are a confirmed volunteer.

We at BeeRaye Productions thank everyone for their help and hard work!
Volunteers will work backstage assisting the Hospitality Crew needs help with anything they need.

Volunteers will be stationed around the grounds to assist in directing traffic and helping campers to find their appropriate camping location.

Errand Runner/Odd Jobs
This volunteer is willing to do whatever is necessary. From filling in a spot if someone doesn't show up, helping in hospitality, running batteries somewhere because the walkie talkies aren't working, or helping build the stage. You might be granted access to a golf cart.

Artist Gallery Security
A volunteer will be present in the Artist Gallery at all times. They are to provide minimal security to the art and merchandise residing in the Gallery so nothing is stolen.

Green Team
The Green Team is to pick up recycling and trash, refill bins with new trash bags, and deposit trash/recycling to the Recycling Booth and/or the Dumpster. You might be granted access to a utility cart. The Green Team Leaders will assist you with carrying bags and sorting recycling.

Sunday Clean-Up
We will have a large group of volunteers who stay Sunday to do a big sweep of litter and to help clean up/pack up

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