#BetterBulldog Check Up
Complete this checklist each week (recommended on Sundays).

The #BetterBulldog checklist is designed to promote and assist in reflecting on your week, your habits and gauging your progress towards the goal of achieving a healthier #BetterBulldog wellness identity consistently and reliably.

Total your points and see if you earned a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bulldog Wellness Tag for the week.

Email address *
Self-Assessed Wellness Performance:
Self-Assess each specific area of wellness over the last 7 days.
I awoke "on-time". *
I completed my MORNING Wellness Routine. *
I had an intentional plan or schedule for each day which included my wellness time. *
I drank enough water & healthy fluids to stay hydrated & feel well. *
I consumed enough nutrients (vitamins & minerals) through my food. *
I completed my EVENING Wellness Routine. *
I got enough sleep at night to recover from the day's activities. *
Bulldog Wellness Dog Tag Scoring
Total up your points from the 7-items above and select your Wellness Dog Tag to chart your progress over 16 weeks.
Yes = 7 points
Almost = 4 points
No = 0 points
Bulldog Wellness Dog Tag Earned *
Wellness Journal (Optional)
Use the optional wellness journal below to share anything about your wellness journey, future goals, or support/feedback you want the #BetterBulldog program & Wellness Committee to know about.
Wellness Journal:
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