Youth Ki Awaaz Campus Support Program 2021
Completely free, the 3-week training is a platform for students from across India to take charge of the narrative around campus issues. From articles to videos and more, here is a chance for you, a college student, to take charge of the narrative.
Applications open on a rolling basis. Apply now!
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Write an article on any TWO of the topics below (Please strictly adhere to the word limit of 500 words)
What is the one issue that campuses across the country grapple with? Suggest three solutions to overcome it.
“Like other social institutions, educational institutions are the reflection of caste prejudices and discrimination.” Analyse this statement, its effects and impact, drawing from instances you might have witnessed/experienced.
Talking about an example from your college, how do you think COVID has changed our understanding of the education system?
Student protests form a strong part of a vibrant academic culture. How do you think COVID has changed that? Use personal incidents, wherever applicable.
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