Ponderosa 2020: Sign-up form
Hi there. This is the main sign-up form for events and workshops at Ponderosa in 2020. We’re very happy that you’d like to sign up, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you here. Before we get to that, there are a few practicalities about how this all works. There are eight of them. Ready?
The practicalities
This form is for signing up for all events and workshops at Ponderosa, except for participation in P.O.R.C.H., the ENQUEERY WITHIN or in residencies at Ponderosa.
Some special events and workshops do not have open registration, and require potential participants to apply by email, in addition to signing up through this form. The details about these are all available on the Ponderosa website.

The costs listed do NOT include the costs of food and accommodation at Ponderosa — except for events that are explicitly labelled as “all inclusive”, for which you do not need to reserve food and accommodation. You will be redirected to another form once you filled up this one to book food and accommodation

The costs of participating in events and workshops are presented below. They are shown as both the early-bird cost and, in brackets afterwards, the standard cost. Please check the Ponderosa website for early-bird deadlines: http://www.ponderosa-dance.de/our-full-program-2020.html

To get a full picture of the costs for participating in events at Ponderosa, including the costs of food and accommodation, please see the outline of these costs on the Ponderosa website, here: http://www.ponderosa-dance.de/accommodation-at-ponderosa.html. This information will also be emailed to you after you have signed up for an event or workshop. There are also some possibilities for work exchanges, which are also outlined on the website, here: https://www.ponderosa-dance.de/work-exchanges-and-jobs.html.

The costs of participating in events and workshops reflect various factors, including the duration of the events, the teaching hours of the event, the number of teachers or facilitators, and other event-specific details. If you have questions about the specific costs of particular events, please contact us.
The discount for early-bird applications is 20% and is usually available until around 6 weeks before the event.
If you sign up for more then one event or workshop, there is a discount of 5% from the combined total. Yay! (For events that already have a "combo" price, a further 5% discount is not available.

5. If you don't find the event or workshop that you are looking for here, or if you encounter any problems with the form, please contact us at: info@ponderosa-dance.de.

Ok, let’s go!
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All workshops and events
Events in March-April-May
Events in July and August
Events in September – Tanzland Festival
Events in October
Direct solidarity
The direct solidarity contribution makes it possible for participants to contribute an additional amount, on top of the costs for an event or workshop, to make it possible for another applicant to participate in the workshop at a reduced price or completely free of charge. (This contribution reduces only the workshop fee — food and accommodation are still paid separately.)

The direct solidarity contribution, if given, is paid together with the workshop fee. Participation is completely voluntary, and it is fine to skip it. However, if you are in a fortunate situation, you can make it easier for someone in a disadvantaged one, and contribute to making Ponderosa a more accessible and sustainable place. Please read all details about the direct solidarity contribution here: http://www.ponderosa-dance.de/direct-solidarity.html
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If you have indicated above that you would accept support, please specify a minimum and maximum range that would assist your participation.
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If you have any questions or comments, please add them here.
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Cancellation policy
Your registration is only valid after we have received both the registration form and your payment. If you cancel your attendance up to four weeks before the starting date of the event for which you have signed up, Ponderosa will refund you your costs, minus €50 to account for administrative overhead. If you cancel your attendance sooner than four weeks before the starting date of the event for which you have signed up, then all costs are non-refundable.
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