Escapist Open 2019
Welcome to the the Escapist Open where we compete within our community and between our teams.

Each participant will be drafted to one of our four teams and each teams goal is to get as many points during the open as possible. The winning team will get a great surprise from our sponsors* of the event.

There is no requirement to sign up to the official open even though we encourage you to do so. To participate in the Escapists Open will be free so anyone can join at any level.

To participate you don't have to be registered for the official CrossFit Open but still you can do the same workouts with all your buddies here at the box.



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Who can join?
You! All levels welcome :)
When can I do the Open? How will it work?
21 feb (mid-night) CrossFit HQ will release the first event and the following day you can do your first trials.


Fridays CrossFit wods (open-prep by Lukas)
Saturday 11:00-15:00 Community WOD
Sunday during open gym

The teams will be able to gain points over these 5 weeks and the level of the athlete will have no effect on the points but their efforts will count. The level of the participants of the team doesn't affect how many point you get but rather their motivation will.

Here is how your team will gain points:
1 point for each completed workout by each team player
1 point for any personal records (ie first handstand, hspu, or likewise)
1 point if everyone in team manages to do the workout for the week
1 point for a posted group photo #escapistopen

Extra points: spirit of the open

The team captains will be hand picked by us so be prepared.

JOIN THIS AMAZING EVENT - Save these dates!
Box dates:
23 February and 2, 9, 16, 23 March

23 March Celebration and Winners are picked
Celebrated with BBQ, Drinks and snacks we invite all of you and your loved ones to join.
More Infos will follow!

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Do you want a Escapist Open T-shirt?
The Open T-shirt is free for those who signed up for the open otherwise 20€.
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