Connecting Journalists & Communities: A survey of newsroom engagement practices
Your responses are anonymous. Findings will be presented at the National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, Oct. 14-16, Boston. Survey produced by the Jefferson Center, Journalism That Matters and the Watershed Media Project.
What are the ways your organization engages with the public? Choose all that apply.
How do you decide a story is worth covering when someone outside your newsroom brings it to your attention?
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How has your attitude and openness to community engagement changed over time? Choose all that apply — and check "other" to add any further explanation.
What are the impacts of engagement programming for your news organization? Check all that apply, and please check "other" to add any further comments.
What are your hopes and concerns about community engagement with your newsroom?
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Where did you learn about this survey?
Organizational budget size?
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