UA Sober/Recovery Housing
We are working to develop Sober/Recovery housing within UA campus housing. To help us understand demand and therefore plan accordingly, we are assessing demand for it. If you are interested in living in Sober/Recovery on-campus housing, please submit the following form. We will ask you a few questions and request your email or other contact information.

Also please check out our active and successful Wildcats Anonymous group on campus at

We understand sometimes parents or loved ones may be filling in this information. For this reason all questions are phrased you/your student.

For which semester do you/your student plan to/want to live in Sober/Recovery Housing in the dorms? *
Approximately what age will you/your student be when they would start living in the dorms?
With what gender do you/does your student identify?
Are you interested in Sober or Recovery Living? (This assumes successful completion of treatment, if you/your student identifies as a substance abuser.)
In what U.S. State do you/your student hold primary residency?
Please leave any comments or other questions you may have here:
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We are working to a have sober or recovery living fully established at UA for fall 2019. *
If you are interested in Sober/Recovery Housing at UA, please tell us more about yourself so we may contact you:
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Phone Number
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