Earth School Portfolio Questions
Thoughtfully consider and then type your answers to the following questions. Write in complete sentences using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation as best you can. Use as much detail as you can. Include description words so that we can "see" and "hear" what you are talking about.
Your name *
Your mentor's name *
Your classroom teacher's name(s) *
What is one incident at the Earth School that you will always remember? (Describe using specific details.) *
What type of friendships did you make at the Earth School?
What was your relationship with your teachers?
What specific subject or unit did you like a lot? Why?
How would you describe yourself as a student?
What were some things that were difficult at the Earth School?
What growth and improvements do you see in your work?
What are some themes or patterns that you see in your work? What is similar in your projects?
What else would you like to share about yourself or your experiences here at the Earth School?
Describe one thing you will always remember about the Earth School?
Describe what makes Earth School different from other schools?
What is the best thing about the Earth School?
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