12 Fixes to Healthy 12-Week Challenge
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The regular price for this dietitian-led, evidence-based 12-week wellness group challenge program is $600/participant (or $50/wk) and included the book "12 Fixes to Healthy," access to challenge in 12 Fixes app, weekly dietitian-led virtual training, daily accountability, and support, and more! 


We are offering small group challenges for 2, 4, and 6 - 10 participants during the holidays (to start in January - March 2023). Join this dietitian-led group program with friends and family members!

December Sale! 
Pay Per Participant for Small Group 12-Week 12-Fix Challenge 50% Off Both - Additional Participants can be added to your group at the same price until Jan 1, 2023, at Midnight PT. 

Challenge program details are below. 

12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge for 2 - 3          https://buy.stripe.com/fZedUV4bP2ffaM8000
12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge for 4 - 5          https://buy.stripe.com/dR64klbEhaLLg6s3ch
12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge for 6 - 7          https://buy.stripe.com/00gg330ZD1bb8E09AE
Additional participants (8+):                            https://buy.stripe.com/4gwaIJ6jX0777zW9AH


If you're an organization that wants to offer a 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge to your staff, members or employees, let me know below, and we can discuss your budget and my business prices. Feel free to email me at judes@12Fixes.com or schedule a time to talk using this link: https://calendly.com/foodswithjudes/30min?month=2021-12

I'm happy to answer questions and tailor a group for your organization to meet your wellness goals!


This dietitian-led, evidence-based 12 Fixes to Healthy Group Challenge will help improve your health, help you lose excess inches, strengthen immune defenses, protect and build muscle, stabilize blood sugar levels, improve lipid profile values, reset gut health, improve focus and productivity, help slow down cognitive decline and help you feel better overall.

There is also a lot of flexibility in this 12 Fixes Program, so diet restrictions and preferences are easy to weave into the Fixes. The 12 Fixes to Healthy Plan integrates a Mediterranean, whole-food lifestyle with food timing, exercise, sleep, eating ergonomics, and mindful eating.

This challenge program is DOABLE and SUSTAINABLE! You start with just one Fix and add the Fixes one at a time over the 12 weeks. Plus, doing the Fixes 80% of the time gives you full points, so there is wiggle room!

This challenge uses the "12 Fixes to Healthy" book (included) and the simple-to-use app, 12 Fixes, to track the Fixes and tabulate challenge points (Google Play and Apple stores).

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Judes Scharman Draughon MS, RDN, takes you through each Fix with a weekly virtual check-in meeting (that will also be recorded for you to view at your convenience).

If you have been thinking about improving your health, NOW is the time.

The 12 Fixes are as follows:


Judes does an excellent job in the book "12 FIxes to Healthy" of explaining the 12 "fixes" that most of us don't really follow. Her approach gives just enough scientific explanation but gives plenty of the practical advice needed to be successful. I got a group of 6 friends to do her Challenge group with me, which made it easier to stick with the program and support each other plus, a big bonus was sharing new recipes!  I have had more energy throughout the day and felt less hungry during this challenge program. After week 11, I have lost 3 inches and feel great! Also, my cholesterol levels have improved! I now have a new way of living/eating healthy and will stick with it. I highly recommend the book and doing a 12-week challenge with Judes!
- Wendy P.

The 12 Fixes to Healthy Plan in the book "12 Fixes to Healthy" was simple and easy to follow! We have never felt hungry and now feel like we are our healthiest selves for retirement. My husband has lost over 6 inches around his middle after just 8 weeks in the 12-week challenge and has more energy, leading to more exercise. He is more fit than he has been in 25 years! This is a plan we can do forever; it's our new normal. — Cara P.

"This 12 Fixes challenge is awesome and has helped me in many ways. I had many wrong ideas about dieting, but I appreciated the "be patient, don't beat yourself up" approach that resonated throughout the challenge. Following even some of the fixes got me results. Thanks for the coaching during the challenge. I feel like I've graduated to a new and improved lifestyle!" 
- Laurence H.

"I've lost 25 pounds and 5 inches around my waist during this 12-week challenge by following the fixes in the book, 12 Fixes to Healthy. By focusing on 1 new habit per week with the group, I've been able to integrate all of the 12 Fixes into my daily routine and feel so much better as a result. It really helped to read the corresponding fix chapter from the book during the challenge for lots of different ideas about how to make the fixes work. Plus, it's all doable stuff. I'm a busy mom with little kids and a baby and I've still made it work for me with only a little bit of effort.

Besides losing inches, I've gained a lot of good knowledge and adopted good habits during this challenge that I will have no problem continuing." 
- Ruth A.

“After my husband was diagnosed as prediabetic, we tried multiple diets designed to lower blood sugar. None of them provided the results we were hoping for. We then read “12 Fixes to Healthy” and everything changed for us. After applying the principles to our diet my husband’s blood sugar levels are now normal, and we both feel better than ever. We can’t thank Judes enough for providing us with the exact answers we needed to be as healthy as possible!” — Emily L.

"This has been a great challenge! Some of the fixes are easier than others but all are doable - especially 80% of the time. I have incorporated most into my daily routine and hopefully, they will become permanent. The one fix that stands out, however, that helps me stay on track to make healthy eating possible is Plan Protein. I know that when I make sure to eat enough protein I can dodge the urge to snack even if my day goes crazy. This is the foundation for me. Thanks for a the fun-filled motivating 12-week challenge with my family and friends!"
- Gloria B.

"This 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge was super helpful to me! I want to thank you for the opportunity to follow the 12 Fixes! I’m diabetic and my fasting blood sugar continued to improve with each Fix! After following these Fixes and completing the 12-week Challenge, my doctor even took me off Metforman because my A1Cs had improved so much. I had already lost 20 pounds before starting the challenge, but I was in a stall. Your fixes helped me get over the hump and lose 20 more pounds.

I am thrilled with my numbers and am doing a happy dance. Thank you, Judes. Your 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge has helped me so much!"
 - Doris S.

This book is a fabulous guide for anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle, no matter what their issues might be. It is easy to read and each Fix is backed up with nutritional facts and relevant research. I thought I knew about nutrition but I was amazed at how much more I learned from this book. I am eating more, hydrating better, and actually sleeping through the night. It’s been a game-changer! — Suzi R.

"I have been doing the 12 fixes in a 12-week challenge with some friends. We are on fix 11 right now. The challenge and book, 12 Fixes to Healthy, has been a great help in changing my eating habits to become healthier. It's not like a diet but a way of living healthy. I plan to follow what I've learned long term. The health benefits are well worth it. Plus, my doctor is pleased!"
 - Terry B.

"This 12 Fixes challenge and book has been life-changing for me. I started reading the book, 12 Fixes to Healthy, 12 weeks ago at the beginning of the challenge and incorporated each fix a week at a time. I feel amazing and my husband has commented several times with how happy he is with the way we have been eating. The presentation of the fixes through the book was really helpful. It is packed with information backed by science, great ideas to better incorporate the fixes, and it is very well organized.

I liked the challenge so much that I joined another 12-week 12 Fixes challenge with my mother, sisters and sister-in-law. I can definitely say that the 12 Fixes helped me have the best pregnancy and postpartum experience yet."
- Stephanie A.

"I really liked how the 12 Fixes app gave me daily accountability during the challenge. It helped keep the Fixes on my mind all day. I also really liked the emphasis on not being perfect and striving for 100%. I usually get hung up on this, so that is a game-changer for me. I will defiantly keep doing many of these Fixes after this challenge. I feel better and figured out what is easy and tastes good during the challenge. My kids and husband are into it too!"
- Laura H.

"I like the idea of building healthy habits week by week in this group challenge. I have to say that I have not had a single piece of the candy in the teachers lounge and I turned down a breakfast pastry….. I turned down a baked good! The swap sugar fix has probably been the best fix for me and the 80% mentality has allowed me to have a healthier relationship with food."
- Diane D.

"The 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge has been good for me. I enjoy food more, and I feel healthier. I thought I was healthy before, but I feel so much better now. I especially enjoy the way I eat breakfast. The 12 Fixes to Healthy book helped me understand the “why” behind each fix. I like that 20% rule, so I don’t beat myself up"
- Brad G.

"The 12 Fixes taught me the importance of whole foods in my diet and gave me a new perspective on a healthier lifestyle. These 12 fixes are obtainable steps that have the science to back them up! Being part of a 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge and adding one weekly fix at a time, kept me on pace, so I didn't feel overwhelmed."
 - Kellie G.

"I learned a lot about food from the 12 Fixes to Healthy Challenge. I lost weight and felt better overall. It helped to do it with a group and hear the comments from others following the Fixes too. The Munch Mindfully Fix helped me the most, but all the Fixes made a positive difference."
- Carolyn W.

"I really enjoyed doing the 12 Fixes to Healthy challenge! The weekly recorded fix highlights were super helpful. While some fixes were harder than others, they are all sensible and doable; and I lost weight and felt healthy when incorporating them into my life. I also really like that this is a lifestyle challenge--something to incorporate 75-80% of the time."
- Amy S.

I really haven’t been going hungry at all! I’ve noticed changes in my eating habits since I’ve started this program. I’m not as snacky between meals, because I’ve been eating a healthy balance of protein and produce. I’m not looking for a sugary pick-me-up. Sorry for the TMI, but I used to get bloated a lot in the evenings before bed, and I haven’t had that problem! Maybe my gut is getting happier!
- Diana B.

Our staff is on week 5 of this Challenge, and I definitely feel better and have noticed decreased bloat as well. I measured my waist because I felt a difference too and it was 1 inch smaller than it was at the start. :)
Erin T.

I have done each one of the 12 weekly fixes as part of a challenge group, and they are easy to follow. Each fix helped move me along to a healthy lifestyle. They were simple to implement into my daily eating habits, but each one has a definite impact to feeling better and losing the inches around my middle.
- Sue D.

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