April Parent Survey
Please fill in for each of your first hour parents. Please contact them by Thursday, April 2nd so we are able to prepare packet for families to be picked up by April 3rd and 6th.
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Student's First Name *
How is your student doing? *
Is there anything I can do to help your student with his/her work? *
Does your student need to be contacted by a specific teacher? Yes/No If yes, who? *
How would your like you and your student to be contacted? *
Does your student need to contact the counselor? *
Does your student have access to the internet at home? *
Do you have access to a device to do online assignments? computer, chromebook, phone *
Has your student completed their first assignments? *
Do you need a paper copy of the next packet of work for April 6th through April 24th? *
If you need a packet, when can you come pick up the new packet?
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