2017 Drivers Indemnity Form
Everyone driving to Endpoint this year (2017) must fill out this form. You only need to fill in this form as an Ex-Ressie if you are transporting current residents.
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College/Hall *
Car Registration Number (Number Plate)? *
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Conditions of Driving *
I agree to indemnify the Organising Committee of my decision to drive to and from Endpoint and accept any and all risks associated with doing so. I acknowledge and accept that I am responsible for all passengers I may be transporting while driving to and from Endpoint.
Driving to the event finish area is risky, particularly if undertaken early in the morning or late at night. The risk of serious injury and death can result from among other things, driving while tired or swerving to avoid animals on the road . If you have volunteered late on Friday night, please consider riding the bus. Drive to conditions and rotate drivers if you are starting to fatigue, that is, even if they are not registered.
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