A Week-end of Sex and Philosophy (Distance Enrolment)

Sex has never constituted one of Western philosophy’s great questions or themes. And yet, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest forces in many of our lives. Like philosophy, sex has the power radically to put into question the established certainties of existence. It puts us in touch with our vulnerability and our finitude. At the limit, as Georges Bataille said, sex puts us in touch with death. But this is also true of the practice of philosophy, which the ancients believed to be best preparation for death: the process whereby what we think we know—be it about ourselves, others, the world, right and wrong, truth and semblance—is ceaselessly re-examined.

In this workshop we will bring together sexual practices with the reading and discussion of philosophical texts. What might it mean to welcome philosophy into sex-positive spaces? What could one gain from examining the philosophical assumptions silently presumed in the concepts we most often use in the sex-positive world, such as consciousness, consent, authenticity, truth, connection, presence, etc?

Distance Enrolment

Distance enrolment includes a live interactive chat session (which is recorded), workshop materials and an audio recording of the workshop itself. The chat session will take place during the week following the workshop at a time negotiated with those who have enrolled via distance.

Pay-as-You-Like-Procedure. You will need to pay for the time that Peter Banki and others will have spent on preparing and holding the workshop. We ask you to consider these costs as well as you own financial situation and decide how much you are willing to pay. If your budget is tight, you are welcome to offer only a small amount. If you are rich, we encourage you to pay more to support the cost of participants that have less money than you have. The amount you are offering does not affect your chances to get a place at the workshop.

If we collect more money than necessary, we will be able to purchase infrastructure for future events.
If we can't collect enough money, the workshop cannot take place. But before we cancel the workshop we are going to contact all participants and ask for an upgrade. So do not worry too much about the amount.

When you turn in this registration you make a binding offer to pay the amount that you offered in cash at the beginning of the workshop. It will take us about a week to confirm your registration, or decline if there are more participants than space at the event. If you do not show up at the workshop you will need to pay anyway. After all the traveling cost and food expenses already will have been spent at that point. If you cancel in advance, we will try to fill you spot with another participant.

Once your enrolment is accepted, we will send you a reading kit with course materials.

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