We will be looking for more helpers for our upcoming events. While we'd love everyone to have a chance, we really need people that fit the mold and will help us grow. If you want to be a helper at MLP we ask you fill out this form to help us know a bit more about you
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Experience/More Info
Please be thorough here, simple answers such was "whatever" and "i don't care" won't cut it. We want people to be in places where they can excel and want to help, rather than just being afforded the opportunity to show up an extra day
What sort of background do you have related to what we do? (networking, servers, IT stuff, logistics, whatever)
Where do you think you could be of help the most? *
In what capacity would you be available for setup day (usually starts at 8am on Thursday)? *
(How) Would you be able to attend the meetings? Meetings are 9pm every other Sunday on discord *
During The Event
We ask that helpers help during the event, not just during setup. Here are some questions about that
You agree to be available for the event opening. Helping people get in the door and to their seats. For 1-2 hours depending on need *
You agree to a registration/info area shift. 2 hours at some point over the weekend *
Last Bits
Just some reference for us, feel free to answer however you feel you are best suited
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Feel free to elaborate on any of the things you mentioned above
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