2020 Infusing Computing Returning Teacher Application
We will be offering a $600 stipend to attend 4 days of professional development, in addition to travel expenses (mileage and dorm accommodations) for those who are not local to Charleston. If you have any questions, please email Ashley Andrews at ashley.andrews@citadel.edu. Thank you for your interest!
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For each CEU credit you are interested in, please list its name and how many you would like
40 hrs during the week of PD can earn up to 4 CEUs. [e.g. 2 Digital Literacy, 2 Subject Area (Science) or 1 Digital Literacy, 1 General, 2 Subject Area (Math)]
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Do you plan to attend the professional development as an individual teacher or as a school team? *
If you plan to attend as a team, please list the names, content area, and email address of possible teammates from your school. (You may skip this question if you plan to attend as an individual.)
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Do you need overnight accommodations? We can provide a dorm room at the College of Charleston, which is less than a mile from The Citadel. *
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Describe what computational thinking/computer science lessons and activities you've completed this year. *
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Why would you like to attend this professional development? What do you hope to get out of Year 3 training? *
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Checklist Reminder - You should have completed all of these steps during the school year.
1. Submit your learning segment after it has been taught with any revisions that have been made since the summer PD.
2. Upload a video recording of you teaching the learning segment The Citadel at NC State Google Drive. It is recommended you use your iPad to record this.
3. Collect and submit any relevant artifacts from the creation and teaching of the learning segment as well as student artifacts. Upload these to the assigned Google Drive.
4. Complete the pre and post computational thinking learning segment reflections.
5. Complete the end of year survey.
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