REGISTRATION for The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival Fall 2018
Application to Participate in the SOS Festival fall - 2018
Your Business Name
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Your Name (legacy name only please)
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Alternate Contact (legacy name only - please contact Ever Courtois to be added to the Group)
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SLurl To Store or Market Place (1 only please)
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Level Of Sponsorship (NOTE: Once paid, DONATIONS are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason - please choose carefully)
I am Home & Garden or a Breedable Entry and would like an open air space if available. (recommended for structural builders, some landscapers and Breedable Creators & markets)
I was in the Fall 2017 SOS and qualify for the 10% Discount
I will participate in the Gatcha Garden (100% proceeds to MSF)
I will participate in the Something Sweet 10-20L Item Hunt
I will particpate in the OOAK (one of a kind item) Silent Auction -100% proceeds to MSF
I will participate in the 50L Dash (provide one Item for 50L 100% for MSF the last four days of the event.)
Are you prepared to pay the donation amount upon notice? (ALL DONATIONS go DIRECTLY to MSF/Doctors Without Borders and are NON - REFUNDABLE for ANY REASON!)
You have or will make room for The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival Vendors Group
I agree to use the SOS Vendors for all donation items. I will not alter (resizing within reason is allowed as long as still plainly visible) or attach the SOS vendors to anything. I agree to use simple non-scripted (NO Hippo/Casper or other) vendors for my items. I understand that any scripted vendors other than the SOS donation vendors will be returned to me.
I have read, understand and agree to abide by SOS regulations and rules in the BECOME A SPONSOR Section of the website, to include those related to the use of copyright material, Linden Labs TOS and original content creators TOS. I understand that failure to abide these rules or meet these requirements will result in my removal from the event without notice.
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