Technical Assistance for Oakland Arts Registration (DEADLINE: Friday, 11/06)*

Technical Assistance for Oakland, a project of the City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Department and the Federal CARES program.

Through the provision of platforms, media production, technical assistance, best practices, and strategies for online broadcast, Technical Assistant for Oakland will provide robust and tested resources to participants; the goal of these is to train organizations and artists on effective live-capture and virtual event production that promotes their missions in the best ways possible through virtual programming.

We will focus on the needs/wants areas of the artists/organizations, as well as provide coaching sessions between teams from the providers ( Youth Speaks Productions, Zoo Labs, YR Media and the Life is Living Cohort) and the participants. During a portion of the project, we will work with artists in fields of music production, theater, dance, visual and media arts for sessions that explore the aesthetics of the virtual space, and how artists are using it in innovative and creative ways. In total 14 Workshops will be provided to Oakland participants through the entirety of this free online program for Oakland Organizations and Artists between November 9th, and December 10, 2020.

Criteria: This program is designed for organizations and individuals deeply embedded in the City of Oakland. Your participation in the program is on a first-come, first-served basis - and your acceptance into the program will be confirmed no later than Thursday, November 4th for Organizations, and December 4 at 1 pm for the Artists/Musician Practitioners in the Zoo Labs portion of the series. We ask that you carefully consider the time involvement in this schedule, and make best efforts to complete the entire program. Your participation in a post-program survey is required as a part of your participation.

Please note that schedule and facilitators are subject to change - and that registrations received after November 6th will be on a case-by-case basis should room be available. *
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Life is Living & Youth Speaks Workshops
Mondays and Wednesdays
NOVEMBER 9, 11, 16, 18, & 19th

SESSION 1 Monday November 9, 4p - 5:30pm - Grounding Rituals - Facilitated by Hodari B. Davis, and Joan Osato (Life is Living Cohort) Coaching Session that aligns and codifies shared understanding, language and connection to mission, strategy and content. Identifying your audiences and engagement strategy.

SESSION 2 Monday November 9, 6p - 7:30pm - Seeds - Transferring skill sets to virtual engagement and production. How to utilize, train up your existing staff and artists for virtual programming; a 101 tutorial on pre-production, production and post production, as well as how to budget for it. Training on online tools and platforms including pros and cons of each system, costs and skill sets that are transferable to online programming and production.

SESSION 3 Wednesday November 11, 4p - 5:30pm - Zoomlife - 101 Tutorial on everyday use/user friendly platforms. Zoom world practical applications, tricks and tips. Tech Guide in safety, connectivity, equipment. Producing content and media assets utilizing low-cost tools and technology. Britt White, Production Manager takes you through the backstage into organizing and running your show. Tech guides included.

SESSION 4 Wednesday November 11, 6pm-7:30pm - Advanced Tutorial on everyday use/user friendly platforms. Bringing the aesthetics of your organization, artists and engagement priorities into the design of your program. Defining aesthetics, goals, participants and barriers and how to address them. Setting your stage, capture process in the time of Covid. Editing, and Rehearsal and Tech. This training involves aesthetics, and innovative practice in virtual presentations and programming. Includes examples of presentations, process and technology by which they were achieved.

SESSION 5 Monday November 16, 4pm - 5:30pm - - Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) & Wirecast Introduction and tutorials. In this session we’ll introduce you to advanced programs that help you capture, produce and stream your content for broadcast. Maximiliano Urruzmendi, our Technical Director takes you through the basics of how the programs work. Handouts Included.
SESSION 6 - Monday November 16, 6pm - 7:30pm -Principles of Streaming, Wirecast, YouTube, Twitch platforms continued. Now that you have the basic outline of how the platforms work and are in communication with each other, it’s time to plot out your workflow and take it into broadcast. Maximiliano takes you through various streaming services and platforms and the pros and cons of each. Handouts included.

SESSION 7 - Wednesday November 18 & 19th, 1pm - 3pm Merchandising, Monetizing and Creating earned Revenue Streams - Yavette Holts and Eb Campbell of BAOBOB (Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Business, Life is Living Cohort) - present a high level overview of free ecommerce platforms in order to support business owners and non profits who need help optimizing their online store(s) . We’ll take the participants through the platforms WooCommerce and Big Cartel. 2 Part Session.

SESSION 8 - Wednesday November 18, 6pm - 7:30pm - Pivoting your organization and practice (now what?) - We’ll facilitate a conversation about strategies and frameworks for a sustainable future for organizations and artists. In utilizing the knowledge they have acquired, we’ll guide and support participants in visioning next steps. Breakout Sessions and Consulting on Scenarios will look at Social media and marketing strategies that apply to virtual programming, including Branding, Analytics and their use in fundraising and strategies for monetizing your platforms. Social Media Toolkit Included.
YR Media Workshops
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
DECEMBER 1, 2, 3

“Social Circles: Building an Audience in Apocalypse” (Three-part) YR MEDIA
Now that your fans can’t experience you in a live venue, what do you do to retain and build an audience? How can artists create a personal brand? In this three-part conversation, YR Media’s social team and youth social contributors will show you how to start, and then nurture, an authentic social presence, with recommendations of which platform(s) to target depending on your demographic.

Potential Attendees: Multigenerational artists, with a three-part approach allowing for engagement at a beginner, mid-level, and advanced social media experience. We will meet participants where they are in their (currently unavoidable) journey to engage on social media.

YR Media’s social team will show cultural practitioners how to start, and then nurture an authentic social presence, with recommendations of which platform(s) to target depending on their demographic in a series of 3 workshops.
Zoo Labs Workshops

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
DECEMBER 8, 9, 10
5pm - 7pm

Day 1 Topic: Your Story Brand
Lecturer: Mashama Thompson, 510 Media
When: Tuesday Dec 8th, 5-7pm
What: Attendees will walk away knowing how to digitally tell a story that can sell and market their brand to their customers.

Day 2 Topic: The Digital Roll Out Strategy
Lecturer: Lance Coleman, Fuze the MC
When: Wednesday Dec 9th, 5-7pm
What: Attendees will walk away knowing how to strategically engage fans and create buzz around music, videos or other online content.

Day 3 Topic: How to Get Paid and Follow the Trends
Lecturer: Fairview MBA
When: Thursday, Dec 10th, 5-7pm
What: Attendees will walk away knowing how to collect money through their digital royalties and understand their data to know what is working in order to make future strategies.
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