EDA University Center - How to Generate a Business Idea Assessment
By attending the March 20, 2019 New Mexico Rainforest University Center Seminar, "How to Generate a Business Idea" by Sandra Begay, you should have learned how to engage in the brainstorming process, identify opportunities, validate your idea using market research and begin planning using the business model canvas. Complete this assessment to receive credit for viewing or attending the seminar. Recordings can be found at NMRainforest.com
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Name (First and Last) *
What does creating a “bug” list NOT help you do when generating a business idea? *
True or False. The following are all parts of the business idea generation process: Brainstorming new ideas; Validating those ideas; and Creating a business model canvas. *
True or False? Problems = Profits. *
How do you estimate the market size of your idea? *
Does UNM have access to valuable databases that you can access using your UNM net ID to conduct market research? *
What makes up a good business idea? *
Which of the following is NOT a part of value proposition? *
Which of the following is NOT part of the business canvas model? *
What is your business idea? If you don’t already have one, list some steps you can take to create one. *
On a scale of 1-5 how motivated do you feel to pursue your current business idea? (1 being to lowest and 5 being the highest motivation) *
Low Motivation
High Motivation
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