California Tantra Festival 2020 ~Volunteer Application
This is the application form for interest in volunteering at the California Tantra Festival 2020, 16th-20th Septembert (Note that the arrival day for the volunteers is the 15th late afternoon). By filling in this form you are applying for a position as a volunteer, you have not been accepted as a volunteer yet. Once we have received your application we will send you an email with an offer to come as volunteer. You will accept that offer by buying a food & lodging volunteer ticket to the Festival as is outlined in the offer email from us to you. To guarantee the offer of volunteering, your acceptance (by purchasing your actual volunteer ticket) has to be made within two weeks, or if the festival starts within two weeks, before you arrive at the festival.
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Personal Information & Experience
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If so, describe which event and in what role please:
What is your personal intention for joining California Tantra festival this summer? *
What is your motivation for joining us as a volunteer? In 5 sentences max, please ;-) *
Any additional information that you believe we should know about you in regards to being a volunteer? On a personal, physical or mental level. *
Choice of Service
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Agreements and Confirmation
If you are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol regardless of where they have been ingested you will be asked to leave the event immediately. Drugs are any substance that alters the state of mind unless prescribed by a registered medical doctor.
a) Attending the whole festival including arriving the day before on the 15th!
b) Contributing with working meditation *** 4hrs/day ***
c) Attending all volunteer meetings
d) Supporting the flow of my working group by respecting agreements made regarding times and work tasks.
e) If I need to change my agreements I will personally inform and plan this with the volunteer coordinator and my team coordinator.
f) To be an Ambassador of the Festival and share the event and your participation on social media.
g) I will stay onsite until strike is complete on 20th
It is a lot of fun being a volunteer! Yet it can also be physically and mentally demanding. It may include heavy lifting and carrying and if that is a challenge for me I will communicate that to the organizers without delay. I have no health or mental problems, or other disabilities which will prevent me from joining as a volunteer. I understand that I am taking part in a beautiful and intense social event and living closely together with many other people - having limited personal time and space.
And I realize it can bring me a lot of great connections and experiences in the same time!
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