Pay It Forward Sign Up: Brainchild Festival, 8-10th July 2022
Over the years running Brainchild, we've seen the festival's power & potential to forge meaningful creative & personal relationships, provide lasting joy and inspiration and a much-needed escape from the pressures & demands of normal life.

We have to increase our ticket-price to make the festival sustainable, but as we do this, we want to do all we can to make sure that young adults who earn less are still able to come. Brainchild has always been relatively cheap, and we believe this has made it accessible to more lower-income young adults and students than the average festival - we want to do all we can to protect this.

This is a new scheme, and it's important we communicate that signing up for this Pay It Forward scheme is NOT a guarantee you will get a ticket - it depends on the success of our fundraising, and we expect the demand to be quite high.

So if you can afford a ticket, we want to reiterate your best bet for coming to the festival is definitely still buying one (please note there are instalment plans available if you don't have the cash flow now). Just to be clear, if you can afford to buy a ticket then this scheme is not for you.

How This Works:

1. If you are aged between 18 - 25 and earn less living wage or less (please see this website for reference based on where you live:, then you can sign up using this form.

2. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and also to suggest a 'pay what you can' that you'd be able to put toward a ticket.

3. We will fundraise for the rest of the money toward the ticket.

4. When we've got the full amount needed, we will make the ticket available to you. At this stage we will be wanting to see proof of your age (photo ID).

We will be working down the list in order of who signed up first. In order that we do not pry into personal bank accounts and information, we will be operating this scheme on a trust basis, and request that this is respected and not abused.
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