Bloordale BIA Events and Activations Microgrant Application
The goal of the Bloordale Village BIA is to make our community a safe, vibrant, diverse and attractive place for our member businesses to thrive and. We do this through advocacy, streetscaping, beautification, marketing, events and more.
Our new Events and Activations Microgrant Program is to embrace, showcase, and celebrate art, talent, and businesses within our community that will benefit the business area and make Bloordale a move coveted, exciting, and destination place to live and visit.
The Board of the Bloordale Village BIA is interested in providing microgrants to businesses, small groups or individuals.
Below are the key elements that the applicant needs to consider:

-The event is open to the public
-It must contribute to the vibrancy of the business area
-The event take place no further than .5km (500 meters) from the Bloordale BIA official boundaries.
-Event can take place on a side street, adjacent parkette,  Dufferin Grove Park, or laneway, or private property with written consent
***Closing down Bloor St. Is not permissible with this grant
-Event, and all aspects of it, will be inclusive, free from any inappropriate language or discrimination or racism and will also be lawful
-The event publicly recognizes and and promotes the receipt of funding from the Bloordale Village BIA
-The event seeks to incorporate at least 2 businesses within the BIA boundaries into the activities in some way
-Funding can not be used salaries except in exceptional or specific cases as approved by the BIA Board of Management
-Event organizers agree to provide a breakdown of how the monies from this grant will be used
-Event organizers will provide a 2-3 page report on the successes and challenges of the event, as well as 5-10 photos of the event for the use of the Bloordale BIA as they see fit (website, social media, reports, etc.)
-50% of funding will be provided upon approval from the Bloordale Village BIA, with the remaining 50% given once key ---milestones have been met as determined and agreed upon. Other financial arrangements may be created, subject to the Board of Management approval.
-Minimum 30 day lead time is required for applications from date of the event, with final application deadline for any December events no later than November 15th, 2021. Any applications submitted after this date will not be eligible or considered.
-The BIA will not fund already established programming in a business or organization (i.e. Open Mic Nights) or individual business events
-Maximum funding request of $1500 per application
-The Bloordale Village BIA has the right to dis-allow participation from any non-BIA member business/organization should permits or any logistics of the event are being executed using the Bloordale Village BIA name.
-The same project is eligible to be awarded this grant every 3 years
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