Fatal Encounters
This is a form to allow users to submit incident reports directly to the administrators of www.fatalencounters.org. Private respondents' contact information will be kept private. All reports must be verified by public information or media reports. If you know of an incident where an encounter with law enforcement ended in an individual's death, and you can either support your knowledge with a government or media report, please submit all the information you have below, but first, please check your research subject's last name on the database, http://bit.ly/1nE8SVK, before you fill in any information.

Here are a couple tips: First, we only collect data for incidents between January 1, 2000 and today's date. Get as precise a street address as possible, and plug that and the city and state into Google Maps to get a zip code. Then you can plug in the zip code at www.naco.org/counties/pages/citysearch.aspx to get the county. Getting the address as precise as possible is crucial because soon we will soon be able to compare things like demographics and socio-economic status of neighborhoods against the U.S. Census zip code data: www.census.gov. Try your zip code: http://zipskinny.com.

Also please, if you run across any errors, repeats, or needed clarifications, use this corrections form: http://bit.ly/Z4HDOm It's only necessary to fill in the parts that need fixing. And finally, it takes a couple of weeks to move from the fact-checking queue to the database, so I appreciate your patience. Thank you, D. Brian.
Subject's name *
Who died? (First, whatever Middle is available, Last) e.g. John James Doe or John J. Doe or John Doe.
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Subject's age
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Subject's gender
Subject's race
URL of image of deceased
You know how to do this? Keep clicking the picture until you have the largest image possible, then right-click on it and select "Copy image URL" and paste it into the field. Careful with this, guys; fact-checkers keep finding officers' pictures instead of victims.
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Date of injury resulting in death (month/day/year) *
Location of injury (address)
Be as specific as possible with street addresses. For example, 613 North Anna Drive is best; 600 block North Anna Drive will work; North Anna Drive will work; North Anna Drive and La Palma Avenue will work for an intersection. Most other variations won't work. If you're uncertain, just try what you have in Google Maps. Whatever you do, don't guess. Let the fact-checker look it up.
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Location of death (city)
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Location of death (state)
Location of death (zip code)
Zip codes are easy; just plug the street address, city and state into Google Maps, and it will tell you the zip code.
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Location of death (county)
If you have the zip code, you can hold the command key down and click the link to go to a page to help you find the county: www.naco.org/counties/pages/citysearch.aspx No need to add the word "County" or "Parish."
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Agency responsible for death
Please, no abbreviations, the whole name in title case: Reno Police Department or Washoe County Sheriff's Office. Since local media assumes you're a local, sometimes they don't even write the name, but will say something like "Reno police shot ..." so you'd check the correct name and then type in "Reno Police Department."
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Cause of death
Primary weapon, vehicle, or object as opposed to a medical description such as blunt force trauma or heart failure. It's generally "Gunshot." Every death is a medical emergency; only select the most likely cause as it relates to the law enforcement interaction.
A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the death
Brief, please. Like 70 words. Only one paragraph with no returns.
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Symptoms of mental illness? INTERNAL USE, NOT FOR ANALYSIS
Were there obvious signs of sickness, like suicidal threats, or were law enforcement called by the family to aid with a mentally ill family member? In other words, should the officer have known the subject was mentally ill before arriving on scene?
Dispositions/Exclusions INTERNAL USE, NOT FOR ANALYSIS
This is not a moral question, but a legal determination usually made by the district attorney, attorney general or an oversight board. Generally, it's worth a shot for a special search, using the decedent's name and the words "district attorney," "justified," and/or "charges." Often this is the best story to link to because it has the whole series of events from beginning to end. If there happens to be a civil suit settlement, please add that information to the description a couple of questions above.
Link to news article or photo of official document *
Only one link, please. More than one breaks the code so the link isn't live. Just pick the one that offers the most information so people can start their research there.
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