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Please note: One-On-One coaching and consulting is limited to ensure our clients receive the attention and results they deserve and desire. In the event of a waitlist or decline of application we may recommend one of our online programs that best suits your needs.
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Our purpose at WAM Co. is to empower women to realize their dreams, develop sustainable legacy businesses, and create more jobs. We work with women who recognize their divine vision and purpose, who are 100% committed to their success.

WAM Co. offers multiple options to help you grow your business. We only accept clients with a high level of commitment, willingness and ability to invest in themselves. We extend offers to work with you based on your vision and readiness.

Payment plans and retainer agreement options are available for select services to ensure feasibility and your continued success.

Consulting + Creative Development Packages start at $4,500
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Our services are designed with your unique needs in mind, for women, by women. We provide you with the tools, training and resources to help you build a legacy business. With lifetime support you'll never have to figure it all out on your own again!
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