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If you plan on joining the Music Program at American High School, please fill out the following form, so that we may contact you about summer activities, band camp, the music program in general, and so on. Your input will help us plan over the summer for the next school year.
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Please include both first and last name.
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What is your main instrument? Also, please include the number of years of experience you have on your instrument.
Secondary Instrument
If you play other instruments, in addition to your main instrument, please list them here, along with years of experience for each.
Phone number
Please list a phone number, in case we can not contact you via e-mail. Please include the area code, if it is not 510.
Please list an address, in case we can not contact you via e-mail or by phone.
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Which ensembles do you plan on joining? *
Please indicate which ensembles you would like to join or for which you would like more information. You may check more than one box.
Need to borrow a school instrument?
If you need to borrow a school instrument, please list it below. There is no guarantee that we will have every instrument available.
Any Questions?
If you have questions that you would like answered, that can not be found by visiting the FAQ page, then please ask them here. If you do not include a way to be contacted (e-mail, phone, etc.), there will be no way to answer your question.
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