Southpoint Promotional Table/Display Request Form
This form must be submitted by Monday at 10:00am, at least three business weeks prior to the weekend you would like to have your display set up. You will receive a copy of your submission by email after submitting.

You may request to use a table for a maximum of 4 weeks (most causes benefit from just 2 weeks). Submitting this form does not guarantee the table will be set out all weeks - staff must determine that the purpose is qualified and there are only a reasonable number of tables on each requested week. You will be provided confirmation by phone or email.

The standard table size/shape is a tall cafe-style table - round, 44 inches high, 32 inches across. If you feel you need a larger/longer table, please indicate in the comment box.



On the days the table will be up, we ask that you have someone “staffing” the table/display starting 15 minutes before each service time and continuing 10 minutes into the service, and then return to the table/display before the service lets out and remain another 15 minutes (ideally spanning the full time between consecutive services, too). It’s best if the person/people can stand, and not sit, as well - this is most beneficial for interacting with passersby!

We will set tables up with a black fabric tablecloth, and basic signs identifying what it is for (if you need them), but you should add a few more creative elements to the display so it is effective at catching the attention you are seeking. (Examples: decorations that go with the theme of your event, tablet/laptop playing a promotional video, and if nothing else, candy/snacks to draw people to you!)

Questions/Concerns - email Rachel Reinhardt:
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