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We'll be starting a preschool exploration program this fall at Village Playcare in Fishers. Parents can choose as few or many days that they want. We know that parents have varying schedules, and we hope to bring a new option to our community. Our play based Preschool Exploration/Child's Day Out is inspired by Reggio Emilia & Montessori learning activities in a multi age setting. We'll still have our flexible options that we currently have. We will have a letter, literacy and math focus for two weeks, but the activities will be hands on. There will be circle time where we introduce concepts, sing songs and read books. Then children will go make learning and free play choices.

We'll incorporate outdoor time as much as possible this fall/winter. We also are keeping our center at 50% of capacity for children. We are incorporating individual trays for supplies and sensory play. We have a disinfecting plan that allows us to sanitize throughout the day ( not just at night). We are extremely cautious with our plans this fall, which is why we will be limiting our hours and ages temporarily.

Children enrolled in the preschool exploration can come earlier or stay later for additional time to socialize and explore. It's a DIY preschool! The core skills are taught from 9:30-12. But you can come earlier, or have them stay later to enjoy lunch, or stay until closing ( currently we're planning to close at 3:00, but will have a waitlist to add on later, additional hours)

We're fully flexible. So if you know you just want to use us 2 days a week, you can rotate those days. So for example, if you are working from home now, and meetings change- no problem! We understand that now more than ever, parents need to just pay for what they need, and to help you work and do what you need to do. We know that children aren't typically allowed at appointments with parents currently- so we're happy to be back to support you.

When you enroll in our preschool exploration, we'll confirm your "intended days" and create a repeating schedule on our scheduling website. You can then cancel or reschedule those days as needed. If you have a monthly schedule, we can change it based on that as you get your schedule. If you have an everchanging schedule, or just need us a few times a month- we'll figure out a plan to secure you a spot! There's no commitment if you want to take a few weeks off.

$9.50/hr if you sign up for at least 2 days a week. So our 2.5 hour exploration morning class from 9:30-12 is: $23.75. But, on the days that you are signed up, you can come earlier, or stay later and it's just $9.50/hr billed to the minute.

We've decided to keep it simple, and keep our hourly rate for anyone regularly enrolled in our exploration program at $9.50/hr. However, if you want to just do on demand hours, just one day a week as needed, or drop in, it will be $10.50/hr.

Siblings (ages 2-5) are $5/hr.

We'll have a very small, socially distanced class. Maximum of 15 and we'll take groups outside, and have rearranged our space to allow for more social distancing. We'll be posting a virtual open house soon!

We need a minimum number each day registered to start out program, so we'll be in touch with in 48 hours to answer any questions and to confirm your registration. We will still have last minute spots available for on demand like we always do. We'll also be offering "packs" of classes each month if you have an ever changing schedule. So whether you just need us a couple of times a month for "on demand" preschool, or want to create a regular schedule, register below and we'll be in touch to find a plan that works best for you!

We plan to start our Exploration Program the week of August 31st. We hope to be able to offer On-Demand care sooner- so stay tuned.
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