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Roleplaying game development is difficult to do in isolation, and the internet allows us to collaborate over great distances. The Designer’s Lounge is an experiment in community building, international collaboration, and normalization of online workshopping for RPGs.  

1. A Lounge Moderator establishes an online meeting space using an online conferencing program..
2. New and established designers are able to opt-into the attendance list for future sessions, giving them access to the call-in details.  
3. Anyone on the attendance list can attend any of the sessions to discuss ideas, projects, and issues related to RPG design and publishing.
4. There are three different lounge rooms for discussion at different, predetermined standard times.
5. Every week, one of the three lounge rooms will be open for discussion for a window of 90 minutes.

This is an experiment in intentional, inclusive and welcoming community building on the internet, which is fraught with difficulty. This rules and norms of the lounge will evolve over time and should guide all of our interactions. The Lounge Moderators may mute, remove, or permanently ban anyone based on violations of the rules or norms, so keep things friendly.
1. Abusive behaviour including sexism, racism, transphobia, or other forms of discrimination are not tolerated this space.
2. Everyone here is peer worthy of equal respect, no matter experience or design tradition.
3. Everyone here is a real person with their own commitments, stresses, and needs. Speak to each other as if you were in the same room.  
4. Everyone here is trying to learn and improve, who deserves a chance to fix mistakes within reason.
5. Everyone here can choose their own level of engagement and can join or leave freely.
6. We share the spotlight and elevate the quieter voices in this space. This means that you mute your microphone when you are not speaking, use the “raise hand” function when you want to speak, and give a thumbs up gesture to show appreciation.
7. Lounge Moderators are responsible for managing these spaces, and there will be one primary moderator for each of the lounges. While they are responsible for guiding conversations and enforcing these rules/norms, they are otherwise normal participants and will take care to use their administrative responsibility in a measured way to keep this positive for everyone.  

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