2019 OHS Interviewee Form
To express interest in being interviewed at the 2019 MATV, Malden's Media Center, Open House Showcase, scheduled for Saturday May 11, 2019 1 to 7pm, please complete the following form. This form will be available until May 4. Notice of schedule will be emailed May 8.

If you need assistance completing this form or have questions, please email maldenaccesmatv@gmail.com or call 781-321-6400 and ask to speak to Ose or Anne. We will be glad to assist in this process.

Contact Name *
Name of primary contact if for a group, organization, or initiative
Email *
Please describe what you would like to discuss on air. *
These interviews will be approximately 3-5 minutes in length.
What are a few questions that you will provide answers to?
Role *
Please indicate your role and affiliation with this topic of conversation. If you represent an organization, please mention this.
Key participants
If you would like to include other key participants in this conversation, please list them along with their respective titles or roles as relevant.
Background media or documentation
If relevant, please provide links to background information pertaining to the topic you wish to discuss. For example, if you know of footage taken of significant event, you can mention that here.
Upload document to provide background information if links do not exist.
Time slot preferences
Please indicate a minimum of one time range that you prefer. You can include more in order of preference. The exact time of interview may fluctuate a little on the actual day, so we ask performers to provide a range of availability and preference. If other shifts are not feasible, leave empty. THE 1-3 SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED.
First choice
Second choice
Third choice
1-3pm (THESE SLOTS ARE FILLED). Do not make first choice
Marketing Information
We are so grateful for your participation and would like to market your initiative, business, organization if relevant. To do so, we ask for the following information
Social media accounts (@...)
So we can tag you in social media marketing.
Short bio *
Of group and individual participants as relevant.
Picture to represent your topic or interviewees if you have one.
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