NoHo 2020 Survey
The NoHo area would like to hear from you regarding information that will be useful for us in identifying the needs of our stakeholders. Please check the map to make sure you live in the NoHo NC boundaries.
Your age?
Do you know about the NoHo Neighborhood Council?
Are you aware of the $1-billion plan for North Hollywood station
Homelessness in NoHo?
How do you travel, locally?
City Council Member's (CD2) staff is...
If you would like us to email you our monthly newsletter and send you agenda's for our upcoming meetings, please leave your email address here. If not, type 'no thanks'
Your answer
The North Hollywood Park is
Are you able to name your City Council or State Assembly Member Representative?
How trustworthy is LAPD in our community?
Dockless electric scooters
I chose to live in NoHo for:
Have you noticed a difference in Airplane noise?
How long have you lived in NoHo?
Would you like to see electric scooters docked, like the metro bicycles?
What do you like most about NoHo?
Are you active on any apps like Citizen or Next Door?
Average Yearly Income
How safe do you feel walking around NoHo?
According to the map seen here, where are you located?
What is your pronoun?
NoHo NC District Map
Have you noticed an increase in Automobile noise?
What is important to you in the next 4 years?
Has NoHo gotten.....
Should there be a gated area for dogs in the North Hollywood Park?
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