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Please fill in this form to become a member of my review team and get access to my books for FREE. I will contact you whenever I have a new book coming out, and you can decide whether or not you'd like to review it. No pressure! If you can't or feel like the book isn't up your alley, that's okay. You won't have to review ALL books. All I ask is that when you request the book, you post your review within the agreed time frame (usually on release day or a few days afterwards if possible. Goodreads makes it possible to post before the book is released).
Please be aware that if after requesting a book you fail to post your review more than once, I will remove you from the list and you will no longer receive ARCs from me. Life happens and things can't always be controlled, I totally get that! So if for whatever reason you were unable to review, just contact me to let me know and I'll keep you on the team.
*** You will only have to fill in this form once and you can ask to be removed from the review team at any time if you feel like my books are not right for you - just e-mail me and I'll delete your details from my list. ***
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Note for new releases:
I'll do my best to have the ARCs ready at least 3-4 weeks before release date, so you have enough time to read. In case of editing delays, I'll be personally in touch with reviewers to schedule a deadline for a review. In order for the launch to be successful, it would be helpful if the review could be posted on release day (or during the first week) so as to maximize reach.
By submitting this form I agree to receive complimentary copies of Roberta Capizzi's books in exchange for an honest review to be posted online as close as possible to release day. I understand the ebook provided is for my eyes only and I will not distribute, resell or otherwise pirate the book.
I also understand that if I fail to post 2 or more reviews without giving notice to Roberta, I will be removed from the review team
When posting my review, I will not include spoilers (give away the ending, include plot twists, etc.) and if I did not like the book and cannot rate 3 stars or more, I will contact Roberta to let her know. In this case, it will be okay to not post the review.
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