Dutchess/Orange Tutoring (DOT) for K-12 in Response to COVID-19 Sign-Up Form
Hello! Please use this form to sign up for tutoring. Although we would love to help everyone, these tutoring services are limited to students enrolled in public districts in the Orange and Dutchess Counties.

If you or your student is in elementary or middle school, please provide contact information for the parent/guardian, as this is who we will be contacting.

Our goal is to minimize the loss of learning due to COVID-19, especially that of students who will be disproportionately affected. We aim to serve students who typically rely on extra help at school or who have parents who do not speak English as their first language, are essential workers, or otherwise do not have the ability to help their kids with their coursework during extended school closures.

**SUMMER UPDATE** Moving into the summer, many rising high school seniors may be seeking the unique mentorship and advice offered by our tutors, many of whom have recently graduated from the same high schools and gone off to top-tier universities. We will also continue to offer tutoring for K-12 students as a form of summer enrichment. Services remain free, but we have added a suggested donations component for the summer.
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*Please note that we cannot reach email addresses in a school organization (i.e. johnsmith@students.cornwallschools.com). If you are not yet in high school, please note that we MUST have the contact of a parent/guardian in order to pair you with a tutor.
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If you are signing up for college services (application, essay or test prep), please provide us with a few more details so we can best match you with a tutor.
What kind of schools do you plan on applying to? (i.e community, SUNY, UC, out-of-state private, public) Do you anticipate applying for financial aid? What are some of your target or dream schools? What do you hope to get out of working with a DOT tutor? Let us know any other information you believe may be helpful in matching you with a tutor.
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i.e. something important about your student's learning style, etc.
Suggested Donations
If you do not necessarily fit the demographic that DOT strives to serve (i.e. you have the financial means to seek other resources), but would still like to sign up with DOT, we suggest a rate of $15 per session, or as much as you are able. We do not ask you for your financial information and instead abide by the honor system so as to eliminate pressure from families who currently do not have the means to donate.

DONATE HERE: https://gf.me/u/x83yyy

Why are we asking for donations?

At DOT, we believe in the transformative power of education and recognize the deep educational inequities that exist across the country, including in our own local communities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, DOT seeks to address these exacerbated educational inequities on an individual basis, but we also recognize that these inequities exist regardless of the pandemic.

50% of all donations will go to The Education Trust , which utilizes advocacy, policy, and research to provide long term solutions for systemic educational inequities faced by communities of color or living in poverty. The remaining 50% of donations will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, which regularly provides programming in the academics, arts, and athletics for children in our local communities.

We hope you will join us in supporting the work of these important organizations. Any and all donations are appreciated! We thank you in advance for your generosity.
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Our tutors do not have any official certifications or qualifications to teach, but are comfortable with relevant coursework.
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