How well do you know Idler's History?
The Idler has been a go spot during the summer for South Haven and has been open for quite a while. How often have you gone there and didn't know how it all started? Take the quiz and find out!
When was the Idler built? *
The Idler once had a motor but was removed when it came to rest here in South Haven. *
The Idler was constructed by what wealthy Iowa lumberman? *
What Drink is the Idler known for? *
The companion to Idler was called what? *
In 1904, the Idler made her way to St. Louis, where she resided for the year as part of what great annual event? *
Not soon after, the Idler was sold to whom? This person used it for personal and business entertainment. (hint his son was a famous actor) *
About 20 years later, the Idler suffered from what major travesty? *
After the travesty, our owner refurbished it with the finest materials to bring the Idler back her charm. He owned and enjoyed it for another 58 years before selling it to what company? *
In, 1981 this family from South Haven, having a vision and foresight to appreciate the structural quality and unique beauty of the IDLER, purchased the vessel? *
When the boat was moved to South Haven, renovations were done. Before the downstairs became what is it today, what originally was the purpose of the lower deck? *
What river does the Idler rest on? *
In what year was the Dockside added to the Idler? *
Lets see how you did!!!
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